Why has choosing a medical specialty become so difficult?

  1. A wider set of options:
    1. Coping with ongoing discoveries, medical advancements, high-tech innovations
    2. ~ 60 specialties and subspecialties of medicine makes the choice more difficult
    3. Lack of time to explore all specialties
  2. Clinical rotations do-not provide a clear picture:
    1. More like an introduction or overview, extremely short duration – 2-8 weeks
    2. Little hands-on experience – observers rather than physicians
    3. Students are busy in acquiring good grades for examinations
    4. Lack of focus on the merits of the specialty
    5. Lack of time to discuss with residents and other experienced doctors
    6. Evaluations and grades influence student’s mind
  3. Medical schools offer little career planning
    1. Prioritize providing immediate medical care than career planning
    2. Lack of workshops, career counseling, career fairs

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