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Exam Tips

Truly medical students need introspection, vision and compassion and should start preparing for the competition exams by third year of their medical graduation carrier; making a strong foundation of hard facts. While undertaking post graduate medical entrances, acquired knowledge though important but one needs skill to make one’s presence felt in a large crowd; by virtue of art, patience, step wise improvement in performance and commitment. Attempting at least 100 to 200 MCQ questions daily for at least 4 to 6 months adds necessary knowledge, refreshes memory and corrects previously retained incorrect concepts and facts. The percentage of repeat questions varies in the range of 10-20% in major exams and up to 40% in some Indian state medical PG entrance examinations. However answering a repeat question correctly doesn't improve your rank much but answering a repeat question wrongly drastically reduces your overall rank.

This competition is not about you but you relative to others. Self auditing is very important for achieving the goal.

  •   Tip 1 - It is not about you but you relative to others :-
  •   Tip 2 - Patience, Focus and concentration with prioritization
  •   Tip 3 - Attempt MCQs with care
  •   Tip 4 - Make the best from available data - Web Learning
  •   Tip 5 - Time management ( Six months schedule)
  •   Tip 6 - Repeated Medical PG Entrance Important Topics.
  •   Tip 7 - General Exam Tips: