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Medical MCQ - Anatomy

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Highlights Of Medical MCQ’s - Anatomy Pack
Total Databank Questions : 5000+
Questions per test : 50 Questions / Test
Test Duration : Flexible
Explanations for MCQ's : Available
Performance Progress/Evaluation : Available

Professional Institute of Medical Excellence, gives an excellent opportunity to lay a strong foundation for all the first professional subjects including Anatomy at unbelievably low prices.


One requires a lot of practice to clear competitive exams such as NEET-PG, FMGE, AIIMS, USMLE etc. and therefore a strong foundation for Anatomy plays an extremely pivotal role. This will help lay a wonderful platform for your medical knowledge understanding and career in the long run, the importance of which can only be realised at a later stage.


Every time a mock test is taken a set of 50 questions will be displayed on the screen. The questions are selected intelligently by the system so that there is minimum repetition and the doctor sees questions which he/she has not attempted / wrongly attempted before. As we have a huge database (continuously growing) the possibility of repeat questions is minimum.


Anatomy Overview :


Over the centuries by the advent of papyrus, paper, and similar materials 1500 BC contemporary representations of human anatomy have indebted to the pursuit of scientific knowledge, the passions of medical illustrators, artists and the cultural production of new media technologies. It has displayed and dispelled an amazingly new and ever burgeoning digital era by virtue of capturing a variety of data observed in macro / micro/ diseased setting; thus transferring knowledge into desired mode of teaching or learning e.g. brain tractography.


  • We present 5000+ MCQs of human anatomy with answers and explanation for every question
  • The topics covered include Embryology, Histology (micro anatomy), Anatomy of various Body Systems (macro anatomy), Clinical Anatomy & Applied – Radiological & Surgical Anatomy.
  • Targeting post graduation Anatomy knowledge emphasizes 7 to 15 MCQs in various post graduate residency entrance examinations in India – such as NEET-PG, AIIMS, AIPGMEE, PGI, MCI- FMGE and about 15 to 20 % of USMLE part 1 MCQs.
  • Accrediting in depth knowledge of anatomy is useful for all doctors in general and Anesthesiologist, Surgeon, Radiologist, Histologist in particular.
  • Over the years applied anatomy is becoming more important for the practical usage of interventional cardiologist, radiologist and micro neurosurgeons.


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